The Gift of Crafting

I’ve grown up knowing how to knit and crochet. All of the women in my family up until my generation have done it for as long as I can remember. I was lucky enough that my mum decided that she didn’t want this family skill to stop being passed on and so she taught me the very basics of how to knit and crochet and bought me my  first crochet hook and first set of knitting needles. The gift of being able to create something out of practically nothing is something I can’t thank my mum enough for.

This developed into a love of craft in general and I have tried so many different forms of it. From cross-stitching to friendship bracelet making, I love anything involving yarn or thread and I’ve dabbled in other crafts such as card making but found that I don’t really have a natural talent for it. Of all these, crochet has remained my favourite. I love the diversity of the stitches and the speed at which you can see your work progress.

My dream for this blog is to share this gift of crafting with others. I’m not a designer so (for now at least) I won’t be sharing any original designs or patterns but I want to create tutorials of the basics and eventually some more advanced techniques and to share the projects that I’m working on.

I still feel like I’m learning to crochet as I read about so many new techniques and tips online and that’s the beauty of having the internet. No one person or book can tell you everything there is to know about a craft but going online allows you to read the tips of many different crafters that you may never have been able to find out about before. I’m excited to add to that community of crafters who help each other out.

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