My Return to Cross-Stitching

I can still remember being in Year 2 at school and being taught how to cross-stitch by stitching our initials. For whatever reason I couldn’t get my head around it and so my work looked a mess compared to that of my classmates. I got a bit upset about it and so my mum, being brilliant as she is, bought me a cross-stitch kit where I had to use wool and a plastic net frame thing (best way I can think to describe it) to stitch a butterfly. It suddenly seemed so simple and I wanted to try to do proper cross-stitching.

But I’ve always been a bit over ambitious with my crafting and I would pick projects that would take me forever to complete and I just didn’t have the patience at the time. I’ve occasionally picked up a cross-stitch magazine from time to time since then but never actually got to complete any of the projects. But this time when I picked up this month’s issue of The World Of Cross Stitching I was determined to actually get back into it.

I started the free kit that came with the magazine straight away and I’m so happy with the finished result.


It’s a Cookie Bear design and it’s so cute. My favourite part of the whole project was doing the back stitching at the end. It just finished it off and made what was a messy looking cross-stitch look much neater and more professional.

I’ve already ordered everything I need to make my next project. And I’m twiddling my fingers waiting for it to arrive in the post. I guess I’ll have to settle for finishing off my crochet cushion in the meantime.

4 thoughts on “My Return to Cross-Stitching

  1. It my sound silly, but you should indulge a little and do something special to frame or finish this. My mom made sure I had my first real (and small!) project professionally framed, and 30 years down the line it’s still the first thing I hang whenever I move to a new home. I’m so grateful now she made a fuss over it. And put a date, at least a year, on the project, either stitched on the fabric or written on the backing of the frame or somewhere similar. You’ll be happy later that you did!


    1. The kit came with a card to mount it to but I was thinking of something more permanent like a frame. I definitely like the idea of putting a date on it though. Means I can look back at it in future and see if I’ve improved πŸ™‚


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