Tutorial: Slip knot

As someone who has crocheted their whole life I take for granted some of the basic things that you need to be able to do in order to crochet and one of these is the slip knot. Even without having knit or crocheted before you may already know how to tie a slip knot but I can only imagine that many people may have no clue.

The slip knot is the easiest way to start a piece of crochet. There are also many other ways which can look a bit neater or work better for certain types of crochet but as an absolute beginner you’re best off starting with a slip knot.

To begin, take the end of your yarn and make a loop.


Then, with the end not attached to the ball of yarn (the end on the right hand side in the above picture) pull up a loop inside the first loop.


Poke your finger through this new loop and pull on both ends of the yarn.


And you should end up with something like this:


Then, to put this on your crochet hook, poke the hook through the loop….


… And pull on both ends of the yarn.


And that’s it! The very first step of your piece of crochet. If I haven’t explained this very well, please leave a comment so I can try to make this post better. My intention is for this to be suitable for someone who has never held a crochet hook before so if you feel I need to go into more depth then please let me know.

Also, you may notice in some of the pictures that my fingers are bent into slightly odd positions. This is because I have hyper-extension in my fingers or “double jointed fingers” meaning that my fingers can bend quite a way backwards and I struggle to hold my fingers in a relaxed, straight position and the more I try to relax them, the more tense they get. A prime example of this is my little finger in the top picture in this post. I managed to relax all my other fingers but my little finger just kept getting more and more tense and eventually I just had to take the photo with it like it was.

Next up will be how to crochet a chain 🙂

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