Current Project: Crochet Girl Gang CAL

Remember how I said that my goal was to finish a blanket I was working on by the end of January? Yeah, that didn’t happen. Never mind, I haven’t been crocheting much at all actually. But since I’ve started trying to lose some weight I’ve been getting back into it (helps to stop me from eating out of boredom).

This blanket is the Crochet Girl Gang CAL which can be found on the LoveCrochet blog when I saw the pictures of Emma Potter’s colourway, I knew I had to make it. Then when I looked into buying the yarns from Paintbox, I was met with an absolutely beautiful array of colours so I picked colours that would look good both in my living that has blue colour accents and my bedroom which has purple colour accents.


The colours I picked are: Paper White, Dusty Lilac, Pansy Purple, Sailor Blue, Sky Blue and Washed Teal

This was my first CAL and I kept up with it mostly until the last couple of weeks. I’ve nearly finished the crocheting and I started to join up. Throughout this project I have fallen in love with Paintbox yarns. They’re such good quality. I’ve never worked with such soft acrylic yarn and it blocks so beautifully with steam. And the colours… the gorgeous shades and sheer number of them. Other yarn brands need to take note.

I’m determined that I’m going to finish it. The yarn is so soft that I can’t wait to be able to wrap the whole thing around me while I cosy up on the sofa.

Lots of love,


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