Tutorial: How To Crochet a Chain

A chain is probably the most important thing to learn to crochet. Because once you know how to chain, you know the basic principle of any crochet stitch. And the best thing? It’s super easy! I once tried to teach my boyfriend to crochet. He learned how to chain and that was about it but if you knew my boyfriend you would know that this is quite an achievement 😜

So first off, you want to start with a slip knot on your hook. If you don’t know what one of these is, then you can check out my tutorial.


Next you want to wrap the working yarn around your hook. (Working yarn is the end attached to the ball of yarn rather than the tail end which isn’t attached to anything).


Now you want to catch the loop you just made with the hook and pull it through the other loop on the hook – in this case it’s the slip knot but that’s just because it’s our first stitch.

Once you’ve pulled it tight by tugging on the working yarn, you should be left with your first chain stitch and it should look a bit like this:


Now you just need to repeat the steps over and over. Wrap the yarn around your hook, catch this yarn loop in your hook and pull it through the other loop, and pull tight. Here’s 4 chains in a row.


Chains will be the foundation of pretty much every crochet project you embark on. Especially when you’re a beginner. There are other ways to start off a piece of crochet but they require you to be fairly good at crochet already and to be honest I still start with chains more often than not.

I hope you found this helpful and if you have any questions or any ideas for how I could make this tutorial better, feel free to leave comment.


Hannah x

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